Silhouette's Unlimited uses the same image in a variety of products. All metal artwork has a baked on black textured finish. Artwork 12" & larger will be sealed with a Clear Coat to provide long lasting weather resistant finish.- Colors may be available upon request depending on product of choice

Additional Products for Afghan Hound

Refrigerator Magnet

4” black textured, steel silhouette magnet comes with super strong magnets attached.

This magnet is great for holding papers or simply a delightful decoration to make you smile. Attractively packaged in a gold box.


Hanging Plant Holder

11.5” black textured steel silhouette
welded to a wall mount plant hook bracket.


St Francis Pet Medallion®
(Made in Italy)

The St Francis charm has a silver finish. It’s 1” X 3/4” in size and clips to a D ring on a collar or lead. The medallion has St. Francis, the Patron Saint of Animals on one side and St. Anthony, the Patron Saint of Lost Possessions on the other side.

By placing the medallion on the animal's collar you’re asking St. Francis and St. Anthony to watch over and keep your companion safe.


Earrings with Sterling Findings

Miniature black textured silhouettes are attached to sterling silver or gold filled findings.

Please select:






Earrings are not available

for the Afghan Hound


Keep Gate Closed Sign

Reflective printing on one side. Black with white lettering or White with black lettering.

Available for solid fences, or with a second panel (as shown) for chain link fences. Custom wording is available.

Wall Mount

24” black textured silhouette with (2) tube sleeves hidden in the body (on the back side). Wall Mount comes with 2 brackets. When mounted, silhouette stands roughly 3“
from the wall.


Chimes with a Silhouette

31” long includes, 5 tubular chimes, and a 4” black textured silhouette. Makes beautiful sounds. Perfect on a porch or outdoors.


Hanging Information Sign

11.5” black textured silhouette welded to wall bracket with an oval plate hanging down. Custom printing on both sides.

House Number or Estate Names.


Garden Shadow® Plaque

11.5” black textured silhouette with holes for mounting. Plaque compliments a wall space, a fence or a gate.


Bell with Silhouette

3 sided 12" metal black bell with a 4” silhouette of choice.


Ground Mount Plant Holder

11.5” black textured silhouette welded to a 52” high plant holder base.


Custom Information Sign

11.5” black textured silhouette welded to 52” high twisted rod, oval plate hangs down with custom printing on both sides.


Ground Mount Information Sign

11.5” black textured silhouette welded to the top of the 44” stand, 2 rectangular plates welded 1” apart. Custom printing on both sides of each plate.