Silhouette’s Unlimited would be delighted to work with your Rescue, we offer a way for your organization to make money, with out spending any of your own funds. Silhouette’s would be willing to send out the items of choice to your organization at no charge. Your club would receive a commission on each item they sell. Any unsold artwork would be returned to Silhouette’s via our freight collect account number.

There is absolutely no financial outlay by the Rescue.

This is a win – win situation.

Take a look at our product page to see if any artwork is of interest that you feel would make $$$ for your Rescue

Our Silhouette products make great raffle items !

Contact Sue @ Silhouette’s via email or call 203.857.4998

Click here to view our artwork.

Keep in mind Silhouette’s has the capabilities to make custom artwork !


Keep in mind Breed specific images cannot be seen from the Products overview page. To view a Breed specific image, you must go to the home page of this website. If you do not see the image of choice, please contact Silhouette's.





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