Mounting Choices for the Weathervane

Review the following descriptions for weathervane mounting options.

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Floor Stand:

Ideal for indoor or patio use. It has a 12" diameter base with 1" steel pipe........ $45.00

Adjustable Roof Mount: Conforms to any roof pitch or can be used on a flat surface or railing........ $39.95
Eave Mount: Use on Eave end of roof.
Two size choices: 5 "L X 6.5" H.... .... $29.50 or
12"L X 6.5" H........ $34.95
Lawn and Garden Pole: This sturdy pole with its unique stabilizing “leg” is easy to install. There is no need to dig or secure in cement; this stand allows you to move your weathervane to new locations with effortless ease.........$38.95

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